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If you want to learn how to play Broken Picture Telephone, please see the How To Play section.

This section is reserved for those who are still learning how to use the internet, or have fundamental issues navigating the site.

Communication is a tough thing.

Do I need to be signed up to play?
Yes. The reason is so that we can ensure quality within the game. Those who are here to be silly will end up getting booted out. It’s like that. You can, however, start and play private games with your friends. You do not need to be signed up to do this, but signing up gets you more features!

How much does it cost?
Like everything in the world, it’s free.

What do I need to signup?
Mainly an email, and a witty username.

Is it open to all ages?
Yes. There is a Mature Content filter that can be turned on or off in the Account Settings section.

I don’t want to view Mature Content games, and yet every once in a while I do…why?

The Mature Content is wiki-like, in that it must be turned on by users. Some times a game may start off innnocent, but spin out of control. In these cases, users should turn on the mature content flag – but if someone hasn’t, you can simply “skip” the game, and hopefully the next person to come along will flag it as mature.

How do I start a new game?
You are given that option when you click play the game.

I have an emotional problem…
Use it to create some interesting Broken Picture Telephone Games.