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Artistic Awards

The Picasso Award
The Picasso Award is given to artists who manage to break free from form: Faces are a little off, there are multiple perspectives, and they manage to simultaneously disgust the viewer while also intruiging them.

The DaVinci Award
The DaVinci Award is for artists who always manage to maintain a level of detailed intricacies in all of their drawings.

The Van Gogh Award
The Van Gogh Award is similar to the DaVinci award but is different in specific ways. The Van Gogh award is for drawings that have an emphasis on beauty and aesthetics rather than specific details.

The Einstein Award
The Einstein Award is reserved for the unique individuals who manage to to come up with genius ways of taking a difficult description and accurately portraying it with the limited tools they have.

The Zen Award
The Zen Award is for those who manage to convey a lot of meaning with very little drawing.

The Simon Award
The Simon Award is for those artists who may not be 4 years old, but manage to draw with the same innocence and general lack of fine-motor-skills to make you think they could be 4.