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The idea came one cold evening, as I sat in my living room pondering the internet and the direction it was moving in, when an old roommate brought to my attention a game he had been playing the prior evening with some of his friends. The game was exactly this one – Broken Picture Telephone.

That example of Broken Picture Telephone you see on the front? That was the very game my old roommate and his friends had played with each other. A simple Ninja fighting a pirate had transmogrified into three people dancing for a taco.

I knew I had to be a part of this.

The following day as I sat in a coffee shop in Seattle, drinking a fine Latte, the idea came to me that this delightful and whimsical game could easily be translated into an online version, and the best part of all – the entire world could take part. I jotted some ideas in my head, and then returned to reading my book.

That evening I checked to see if would be taken. Thankfully, I am guessing that the companies which manufacture picture telephones are doing their job, and quite well, because was completely free for the taking.

And take it I did.

A year and a half later, Broken Picture Telephone exploded – not only in popularity, but the database literally exploded. Never had it been meant to cope with so much traffic, that the website became unreliable, slow and painful.

This prompted a rapid-rebuild, this time fixing all the errors from the last iteration but also providing some much-demanded features. With the help of strangers from around the internet, I launched this site once more.


This is the site. I hope you like it.

~Alishah Novin |

Honorable Mention Goes to the Following People:

Bram & Maria,
Alamir Novin,
Mr. LawLam,
Jake DeBacher,
Daniel Smith,
Eddie Muñoz
Ant Fox,
Mark Hooper,
Meredith Chandler

An extra thanks to those who have helped support BPT with their donations:

Scott Powers –,
David Selby
Thierry Mellon –,
Otto Koivuranta,
Jonathan Moosekian –,
Carin Perilloux –,
Chad Royal
Luke Krudwig
Luke Noel-Storr
Dan Berends
Neil Godwin –
Laura Law
Jessamyn –
Svlad Cjelli
Meredith Harris
Stacy Hall –
Rob Keenan –
Fuad Arafa
…and to all the donors who have asked to remain anonymous