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A game of miscommunication

Broken Picture Telephone is a

sociological experiment that is very social

but rarely logical

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What is BPT?

Broken Picture Telephone is the game of miscommunication - a web game where people can show off their artistic and their artistic-interpretation skills.

As you attempt to draw someone's thoughts, or interpret their drawings you journey deep into the hilarious human psyche.

How it all works

1. Start a Game - Describe a scene, story, or a phrase - something someone can draw out.
2. Draw a Phrase - Join a game where you'll see someone's phrase. Draw it out to the best of your ability.
3. Describe a Drawing - Look at someone's drawing, and do your best to accurately describe what you see.
4. Wait it out - As your games evolve back and forth between images and words, hilarity shall ensue.

Watch a Story Unfold

Get credit for your artistry

True genius is never appreciated in its time - but we aim to change that. The more you draw, the more accolades you'll get from your fellow players. A picture is said to contain a thousand words - if you can get people to properly guess the words you were drawing, you'll get quite a bit of credit!

A popular question is why there isn't much credit for the writers, and mostly for the drawers - and it's a valid question. We're inclined to think that the reward and recognition comes with being able to understand a drawing - and perhaps it's best to keep from encouraging overall creativity in people's written interpretations as that will influence the game's digressions.

How long does a game take?

It's difficult to predict how long a typical game of Broken Picture Telephone can take, as there's a lot of factors at play - how many rounds, how many private players, how many other games are ahead of yours, etc. One thing's for sure - they will complete, and when they do, the wait will be worth it.

Games that only have 11 rounds are likely to finish faster than those with 45 rounds - that being said, there's a lot less evolution over a game of 11 rounds.

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