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Ok some exciting news…

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I have some exciting news to share.

…But before I do, let me explain why I haven’t blogged these past few days. I’ve been looking at a lot of advertisers and there’s a lot of lucrative ones that I’ve had to reject. I don’t want bad-advertisers and neither should you.

That is, I’ve been looking at some feasible advertisement strategies to support our site and will now say that there are some real shady companies who are willing to pay a lot to advertise… But I refuse to delve any further into even considering them as advertisers. The reason is because it’s at the cost of the users.

This isn’t exactly breaking news but it needs to be said. After look deeper into how other games make money through adverts I’m convinced that a lot of the advertisers are just plain scams.

The scams themselves include evils from installing unwanted software onto your computer to charging your mobile number huge sums of money without users being made fully aware of this. Those are scams and in case you don’t know this site, let me say that I will not let BrokenPictureTelephone succumb to this low level.

A lot of the game companies that allow these scams are popular ones on sites like Facebook. Not all of them are bad, there are some good ones and some of the advertisers are good too. But there are quite a few that take advantage of their users.

Let me put it this way: Whether you’re a website or an advertiser, if you rely on deceiving people in order to make a profit then it’s time to realize that you should just get off the internet.

I’m not saying BPT is fool-proof. There’s the chance that a seemingly innocent advertiser may lie to me, but I am saying that 99% of the time it won’t be the case because they’ll know that when I do find out it’s a scam, they’ll be kicked out.

Michael Arrington from Tech Crunch, love him or hate him, has called this type of advertisement-system a ‘downward spiral’ and has written excessively about these game sites, if you’re interested, here: …I especially agree with him on one point: This will eventually make the experience worse for both the gamers and game providers so it needs to stop now.

Sorry for sounding a bit preachy in this blog but finding good advertisers has been taking up a lot of time and so I thought it was worth mentioning why.

Now for the good news…

I’ve found a decent server host finally. It hasn’t all been finalized so it’s not a 100% guarantee, but I thought I should mention it to you as soon as I found out. I will be meeting with them sometime next week and things look good so far. The server will be a bit pricey (which is the whole point of why I’m looking for advertisers now..see my last blog for more info) but BPT has been down long enough. Hopefully, this all falls through again.. if it doesn’t I’ll let you all know too. And if I don’t blog, it means that even I don’t know what’s going on.

Lastly, I’ve been noticing BPT tends to go down at times. The reason is because the site is really running out of space now (told you it would happen!). Imagine any movie scene where the hero is jumping out of somewhere before it explodes….and that’s what I feel like right now.

This thing is gonna blow! Will a new server rescue us?


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