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So now what?

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As I indicated in my last blog, having the server guys fallout means I’m looking at different options. With every closed door a new one opens, right?

I was approached by a nice ad rep from a company who wanted to advertise and sponsor BPT. Although he was very nice to talk to I couldn’t come to terms with one of his requirements. He was hoping for BPT to become more ‘family friendly.’ But even the top rated games have some degree of cartoon violence. And I don’t want to censor people’s humor or art to that degree. Could you imagine if the ROFLCOPTER game didn’t have the copter explode? Not funny! I mean, I would never want to see a 3-legged mom sucker punch a baby in real life but I could definitely see the humor if someone misinterpreted a drawing that way. The ‘family-friendly’ issue was the point where we just couldn’t agree on, so after a few email exchanges we decided it wasn’t going to work out.

Although I want to keep BPT funny, ad-free, and free to play, if I want BPT up and running smoothly I realize that I have to negotiate somewhere along the lines but not at the risk of losing BPT’s fun. Plus, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve so I’m not desperate for a ‘quick fix’ solution that will lose BPT’s charm. I want a strong base so that BPT will grow smoothly.

Some members have suggest to me that they wouldn’t mind a few more ads. Others have, but said they would like a store to buy BPT-shirts. And still others who use the site extensively have said they’d like to buy a premium account if it offered a few more features (on top of what is already free for members). I’m not saying I will implement any of these ideas, they are just suggestions given to me that I can consider. Your comments on what you feel as a user is what guides these choices. I may even adopt all of them and let you, the user, chose which method you like best (i.e someone who wants everything free can have a few more ads while someone who doesn’t want ads can just buy something from the store and become a premium member).

The more pressing issue for me right now is just to find the right server, and I do have a plan. It’s a bit more expensive than what I had hoped for, so that’s why I raised the issue in this blog.

Thanks for the patience, everyone. I’ll run a new contest soon with a new badge soon. I want it to be unique but also one that people who, like me, have little art skills can participate in. Oh and thanks for the compliments on my avatar, my skills are embarrassing compared to most of you, but I hope it will give the stick-figure drawers on here some hope!

I’m also working on a small ‘thank you’ feature strictly reserved for everyone who stuck with me this far. I’ll let you know what it is the day before BPT finally goes up. It’s a small gift but still a gift for being so loyal and understanding.

P.S And I guess I should give a final thanks for acting like you believe that my muscles are as huge as the one’s in my avatar. I was afraid one of you would call me on it and give me away!

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