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Big Hurdle Tomorrow

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Tomorrow I’ll meet with my new server people.

Cross your fingers.

If all goes well, one of BPT’s biggest hurdles will have been met and it will just be a matter of setting BPT back up and perhaps some paperwork or negotiations to work out.

I’m not sure if our ‘talks’ will be settled in one day, but once they are I’ll fill you guys in.

Although I have worked for companies with much larger servers, I’ve never required a server this large before for a website that I personally own. So what will tomorrow hold for this dear website’s fate? I don’t know but we’ll see.

It’s kind of emotional. I’m both nervous and excited. But don’t worry, I still have the courage and confidence to get BPT’s member a fair deal. That’s my goal, and so far everything has been working out pretty well.

Good luck, Broken Picture Telephone members.

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