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Coding is Done.

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Phew. Wow. That was a lot.

I’m 100% done coding.

Now the server…

But for those who are becoming impatient. I recommend that you don’t check back daily, check weekly. Why? Because this is the part that requires a little help from my friends (and my friends’ servers’ environment).

And because this part doesn’t really provide much for me to comment on in terms of updates, and I want to get it done as efficiently as possible. My blogs are going to be less. I don’t have much to say in terms of updating servers, and I rather use that time to get the server environment working.

If you still need a fix of BPT’s social network, there’s a very dedicated group of members in the discussion groups. I thank them for giving this site a pulse of life while I work on this. Nice games too, guys. (Why has no one tried making a scavenger hunt in the boards?)

I hope the next update I’ll be able to tell you all that BPT is completed.

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