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Scavenger Solving

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I was hoping this thing would take a week, I wasn’t planning to write this blog this early as I’m still coding right now.. So I’ll write this blog entry fast (sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes)..

Most of you had no problem with the first word: Comment

The second word was what gave you problems.

My hints was ‘decode’ as I ‘code’ …to aim you in the right direction of coding languages.

The first game ID was 1101.

I went with the simplest code (next time I’ll remember not to!) : 1=A, 2=B, 3=C.

So, in that code there is no equivalent to ‘0’. And since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, the 0 can only correspond to the number 10. And that should be the give away because that would mean: 1=A 10=J 1=A

I like that some of you thought it was binary. I even thought of doing it as binary but realized that may be too obvious. And went for a second clue.

Now this last clue is where I admittedly got a bit mean by being extra-ambiguous. But the reason I did it was simply because I knew some of you may work backwards and get the secret letter to solve this whole puzzle.

But let’s recap. We have A J A and I expected someone to yell AJAX by this point, because the last letter isn’t really needed anymore.

In case there was a tie though, we could look at how people solved the last letter. There’s two obvious codes people would think of with A J A ..they are AJAX and JAVA.

The second clue is a nasty one (but maybe not nasty enough as you guys still managed to solve it). But it asks you guys to go through the members that ‘start with A’ (‘start with A’ was no coincidence, it subtly refers to AJAX)
and then find a princess on a world avatar: Aoife

She’s only started 5 games. One of the games (the first one) adds up to 21, but 21 is only there to throw off anyone who works backwards. Here I chose not to say what it adds up with. But once someone realizes that they need other numbers to add up and make any sense of it, and that the code is most likely AJAX, they could look back at the previous game ID and add up all the game IDs for the word.. 1+1+0+1= 3. 21+3 = 24. Which gives X.

‘BPT’s comment system is getting an upgrade with AJAX.’

roomiccube, linkzcap, chowdog, and banquis will get new badges (Did I miss anyone?)

The new badges will come with the new site as I’ve made too many changes to support changes to the old site.

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