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Ok it’s night time and I’m going to bed. I’ll be working on the site tomorrow again, but before I do I thought I’d blog before I start because sometimes I get so busy into the coding that I don’t leave myself time to write to you guys.

Since this is a gaming site overall, and a lot of you have told me you check the site daily I thought I’d add a little puzzle that you can play and it will also reveal what part of the site I’m going to be making an upgrade to and how! It might be a hard one so I’ll slowly reveal some clues as the days pass. But whoever gets it first will receive a badge on their profile.

FIRST HINT: See if you can finish decoding BPT before I finish coding BPT!

BPT’s Second Scavenger Hunt:

Complete this sentence: BPT’s ____ system is getting an upgrade with _____.

First Word:

  1. Find Mona Lisa with a pineapple bikini. Take the second and last letter from the word behind her. In the drawing appearing AFTER the bikini Mona Lisa there’s another word. Take the first, and fourth letters.
  2. One of the players above +300 has exclaimed: ‘I CAN TOTALLY HANDLE THIS’ to the world with their avatar. In his profile he has commented to himself for the last time. Look at the 7th word and take the first and third letters.
  3. On the second page of the highest rated games. There is a game where ‘a goose in an outer space flock goes supernova’. Find that game.
  4. Take the first letter of the highest rated player in that game.
  5. Unscramble the word.

Second Word

  1. Find the game I wrote in that involved a powerpoint presentation. In the game’s id number is a simple numerical code. But you need one letter to complete the word (see next clue)
  2. A person who starts with the letter ‘A’ in their name has an avatar or a princess standing on the world. She has only started 5 games. One of the games numbers id’s adds up to give the final letter of the last word.

You win!

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