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Another Short Update: Teamwork

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The theme of this blog’s update is teamwork.

This week I’ll be meeting with the guys who have a server for me to host BPT and I will hopefully have a manageable solution.

Also, I have networked with a few of my old coworkers from my previous job to get them to help take on some things, and I have been coding on an all round better distributed system.

Because you have all been very patient and supportive of this effort, I’ll reveal one of the new features to expect in BPT: A new feature will allow games to be searchable. Now it will be easier for you to find that one that everyone on the forum loves talking about where the ogre turns into a carrot and ends up eating himself only to realize that he was really a train in the sky all along. ….You can also cross this feature off the Top Ten list in the suggestions forum.

I know some of you would like a timeline, but the only time I’m working on is: As soon as possible. There’s many reasons why I can’t give an estimated time. But one of the biggest ones is because I’m asking a number of people to come together to help me get BPT back up. So the chain of events depends on more than just me, it depends on coworkers and friends helping me out.

If you want more info, check out the blogs below.

If there’s one good thing that came out of this downtime, it’s that I noticed quite a few users have drawn more beautiful avatars. So keep making those beautiful avatars I keep seeing. I’m sure there’s some relation between good avatars and good ratings. Maybe? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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