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A Short Update

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I’m getting closer to being able to test things out, but I need to finish a couple of things. Now that I’m working a different server environment, I need to build out new components that didn’t need to exist before, and also to test them out to make sure they are working. Also remember that there’s a strong likelihood of losing the games and so if you want to save any, now’s the time to do it.

For more specifics, read the blog I posted last week if you haven’t already.

As for the feature requests that I’m getting. This update’s new features list is complete. I’m not putting any more new ones that I haven’t already added, because my goal now is to just get BPT running again. You may want to make the request for the next version of BPT, which will come a long while after this update. If you want to, members can create a top ten feature request in the Suggestions forum. Make sure the majority of people agree to the list. I’ll take it into serious consideration, but I can’t guarantee that they will all be implemented. I’ve seen people advance the drawings on this site from stickmen to a lifelike-portrait piece of art. So nothing is impossible on here that a gamer can’t take as a challenge. In the end, it’s all about practice and developing your skills.

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