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Another Weekly Update

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Unfortunately, just like good pizza.. you can’t rush a good upgrade.

If I just fixed the bug, we’d still have a potential server overload. And if I just fixed the bug and server space, we’d still have a slow server to play on. So I had to make sure I attacked this hydra all at once. I’ve divided this blog into 5 sections which indicate the problem, what I’ve done to fix it, and how far along I am in it. The three sections are called: Bugs, Space, Speed, Upgrades, and Bonuses.

So although I can’t promise a date of release, I can update you on the point of my progress and get a bit more specific on what to expect.

Upgrades: I have written a new part to BPT that should make the overall experience faster, in addition to the new servers – I am actually proud of the new part of the system. When you, as a user, go through the pages and games the load time will be more streamlined. This can also make gaming on BPT potentially more fun because more players will be willing to rate/comment/award other members on the site for their work and the interaction is what makes up part of the fun.

Bugs: 99% fixed. It’s actually 100% fixed right now, but because I have to test the new site on the new server..etc. I’m leaving that 1% open.

Servers: I have potentially solved my hosting problem which was the biggest of all issues (although to some of you it may seem like it was the bug, it was actually the server) and I’m mostly done. I know some of you may want an estimate and if I had to guess I’d say about 75% finished. By the way, I get most of my BPT server-work done on the weekends at home (that’s where the servers are) so maybe that will help you imagine a time-line of where I’m at in switching servers.

Speed: I am going to make a few other simpler updates to further lighten the website load. This means a faster and more lean BPT for you. Remember how whenever office breaks would occur BPT would slow down real badly? This will ward most of that lag off. You probably don’t notice it now, as not that many games are being played…but BPT will need it once the games start up. So it’s better to fix this issue now before the site goes back up and everyone wants to play at the same time.

New Features: 95% done. They’re little ones you’ll notice here and there around the site. So I’ll leave them as surprises for you to soon discover. 🙂 Normally, I would call these surprises ‘Easter Eggs’ but these new features are more than just gifts, they’ll actually help your overall gaming experience.

I’m still debating whether I should call this BPT 3.0. But it’s definitely an upgrade in terms of speed and stability… BPT 2.5 maybe?

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