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Weekend Warrior Update

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In my last blog I said I had good news and bad news. This time, I have good news and great news.

Let’s start with the good news first, again..

So what fixes have been made this weekend? Well, I have been actively working on the site’s bugs, making some critical changes. I haven’t released the changes yet, but they’ll be released very soon. I still have to do some standard tests (like making sure nothing gets over-written) and then I’ll release and hopefully no new bugs will be found.

Now for the Great News: I’ve even managed to find time to introduce some small new features. Nothing big, but the fact that I’ve managed to add these new additions make me happy. Sometimes it’s more fun adding new things than working on old code.

More Great News: Our hardworking admins who catch trolls, maintain boards, and help members will be happy to know that some new administration features have been added. Members should know that admins don’t only focus on catching trolls but reward good members too. Good sportsmanship is rewarded. Good sportsmanship involves playing well, helping out members on the boards and reporting trolls. Hopefully with the new fixes catching trolls and rewarding others should be easier.

Finally, I’m working on setting up a new server environment as well. Other than a high risk of losing past games, most of you won’t notice a thing. But I’ll notice it, so I mentioned it. This is also the hardest part of the fix and what delayed other updates. No one likes switching servers. I never hear other programmers say ‘I love switching servers! Sometimes I do it for fun!’ No. Adding new features is fun, fixing bugs can be either satisfying or frustrating, but switching servers is always a pain.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so as I said, I haven’t released the changes yet, but they’ll be released very soon. So hang on tight, and get to know each other better on the Discussion boards. I really like reading those posts where members get to know each other better and even share BPT tips and strategies. It’s almost like you’re adding new features without my help! You guys make a great community and are mostly what motivates me not to give up on BPT when problems come up like.. a new server. Which what I should get back to soon…

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