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Finally an Update? Yes.

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Thank you all for the support in BPT and your feedback and suggestions. I have good news and bad news. I’ll give the good news first but make sure you read the bad news as this will affect all of you.

I’ve read almost every single piece of email and comment you guys have made. But if I haven’t replied (and that’s most of you) please know that it’s because I wanted to spend more time on actually getting things done on the site.

On top of that, there’s real life. I switched jobs and just ended a long road trip across the country from Seattle to Nashville (and no, my new job does not involve country music, as everyone loves to ask me).

The good news, and the point of this update, is that things are starting to come together. I’ve been exploring my options, and have some solutions. I’ll recode some fixes this weekend (hopefully), and then I’m going to be switching servers and stuff.

The Bad News: What that means is that games may be lost. User accounts, and information will be maintained, but there’s a high chance that all games will be lost. If users want to save their work, now is the time to do it. So spread the news to your friends, family , and other BPT-players. *Save your drawings before the weekend!*

If you’d like to host them for future reference, I’ve seen some members upload their BPT drawings to Flickr and even Youtube. If you do so, tag them with ‘brokenpicturetelephone’ so that members can easily search them.

Expect to bring back those drawing skills soon!

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