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Website Problems

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Hi all,

I’ve gotten many emails the past few days about the problem of images no longer loading properly – I’m aware of the issue, and I’ve been investigating possible solutions.

The problem, to put it simply, is that BPT has grown – grown beyond what I ever possibly imagined it would be (well…that’s not the problem, per se…) But to think that a website I coded 2 years ago on a whim has become so popular is incredibly humbling. The fact of the matter remains though that operating a website on my own isn’t the easiest thing – the amount of images per BPT game, for example, is in the millions, and over time that adds up.

The fact remains that I’m running out of server space – and quickly. I’m currently investigating possible solutions, because as BPT grows, the need for a more powerful server, with a greater amount of disk space increases, and that becomes increasingly expensive.

I can understand that this must be frustrating for many of you, and I do apologize. I can only ask that you please remain patient as I explore the few options available to me. My interest is keeping BPT a free to use site, and free of annoying ads, but in turn that puts asks a lot more from my own wallet.

Hopefully I’ll come up with something soon…

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